How we contract, terms and costs
Direct agreement at the company's headquarters in Istanbul without any intermediary.
The minimum total value of purchases made by the company is 5000 usd .

- The company charges a percentage 8%  If the total value of purchases between 5000$ to 14000$.
-The company charges a percentage 6%  If the total value of purchases between 15000$ to 24000$.
- The company charges a percentage 5%  If the total value of purchases between 25000$ to 49000$

- The company charges a percentage 3%  If the total value of purchases50000$
 Commitments include the following.
  • Providing transportation for roaming on all companies .

  • Provide a special interpreter for the customer when going to the companies .

  • Supervise the receipt and examination of purchases And equipping them for international shipping.

  • Provide competitive shipping rates It includes the processing of all papers and certificates duly certified.

  • Send all the papers to the recipient's country so that the buyer can authorize the customs broker.

Method of payment of purchases and commission
Purchases are paid by depositing the total amount of purchases in our bank account .
The Company makes initial advances When you place orders in the account of the companies you are shopping from .
The total value of purchases is paid upon receipt at our warehouse .
The commission of our company is calculated after the completion of shopping and calculate the total value of purchases and add the commission according to the previous table


The process of receiving orders from factories

After final agreement with the factories and determining the final delivery dates of the orders, the orders are received in our warehouse

Our team will check orders with agreed invoices

Process of order processing and shipment

All orders are repackaged by our team and processed to begin shipping

The container's shipment is reserved according to the size of the shipment. 20 feet / 40 feet

In case the cargo is commercial air, the team will prepare the shipment for air cargo status to calculate its volume and total weight

After receiving the invoices in the name of our company exclusively from the suppliers we merge all invoices by issuing one invoice to the customer from our exporting company

Processing the customs papers and determining the date of shipment .

The paper processing process begins after the shipment is received and examined .

There are special papers in the process of graduating the shipment from Turkey from the customs zone. After the shipment is inspected by the customs, the customs declaration is extracted in case of air or sea shipment

The certificate of origin for the goods sent is processed and the international waybill is issued by the carrier

The papers that are sent to the customer to clear the shipment in the receiving country 

Certificate of origin for goods

Basic invoice for goods certified by the export company seal

Original bill of lading

Note . A specification certificate is sometimes issued if requested by the customs of the receiving country

It is non-essential , with additional costs ranging from $ 150 to $ 250 .

A copy of the papers will be sent by e-mail

The original copy will be sent by courier to the customer .

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