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We provide the customer with guaranteed sources of goods with competitive prices directly from the factory or from well-known markets in addition to checking the specifications of the goods, quality and number. The goods are then shipped with invoices, shipping papers, certificates of origin and other certificates required by the port or border port from the customer upon arrival of the goods. In addition to many services that include customer reception and the provision of interpreter and guide for companies, factories and markets so that the customer imports in complete safety and easily and smoothly and without hindrance.

Customers who are unable to travel to Turkey will provide them with the required products according to the specifications and guarantee the reliability of the factory

Our mission

Provide the right atmosphere for traders and help them communicate with Turkish companies and factories directly and provide any commodity was from the Turkish markets, providing sea and land transport to all countries of the world at reasonable prices.

Our Vision

Harness our human and technical capabilities and specialized competencies to provide quality services and high efficiency on time in all areas of our work and according to the requirements of customers.

Why choose to work with our company

International Business Company
The company provides trading services to traders in several countries around the world
The company saves time and effort on merchants
Save time and effort on merchants when the merchant needs any particular product not to search for himself only send to the company details of the product and the company takes care of the rest where the merchant will get all the details of the price and the cost of transportation and customs
Trust and safety
Our company can provide legal matters that guarantee the rights of all parties
Low commission
The company's commission is very low compared to the availability of services

Why should traders work with us?

Import companies from Turkey or offices are a point of contact between the merchant and Turkey in all things, when ordering goods, manufacturing goods or doing any commercial tasks in Turkey must be a commercial office, which can manage your affairs and run it perfectly for a specific fee or a specific percentage, according to Agreement between the parties
The work carried out by the office is not easy and it is one of the things that are hidden for the merchant when ordering a certain goods in terms of research in the Turkish market and choose the best prices and follow-up services and manufacture of goods and supervision, as well as processing papers for shipping and arranging and processing containers and supervision of shipping from the beginning until Finish Do not forget to check the goods in terms of quality and specifications that have been ordered and which bear a large part of the responsibility of the intermediary office
Many Arab traders are trying to search and buy and conclude contracts without any intermediary and that out of mistrust or commercial intelligence or provide wages, but in the end will not emerge from the borders of Turkey, however deceived in all cases, but rarely or subjected to a monument and fraud, may God protect us all Turkey country must You have to be careful
Do not be smart Turkish merchants smarter than everything you are in their country, and the term commission is there all over Turkey retailer is looking for commission and the driver is looking for commission and even the cleanliness agent will not prevent him in ordering commission when you take you to a particular store because this matter they believe is legitimate and legal and consider it Another source of income
Commercial offices in Turkey have several business philosophies, some offices charge different commissions and some others buy the goods and then sells them and others receive a specific amount of the parties and the agreement of the parties, but most of the custom is the commission but in several forms
Here begins the journey of searching for credibility and honesty and relying on our offices equipped with all the official papers and with a good reputation and trust of the distinctive customers, which have a good impact in building trade relations and even social above all.
Import offices from Turkey are many, many, and we are seeking to provide the best services to maintain customer satisfaction and our relationship with them and remains honesty and honesty is the basis in everything

Tips for traders who want to import from Turkey

Importing from the Turkish market is part of the science and part of the art we see or rather hear a lot talking about importing from Turkey. Often, some believe that simply saving a small amount of money and going to a Turkish exhibition is all that a person needs to succeed in this area. But the bitter truth that most people discover in this direction is that this approach is a sure recipe for failure
I would like to stress first that importing from Turkey could be better than forex or currency trading. But only if you work properly. We suggest following these steps before starting this activity

1 - Know the product you want to import:

Know the item more precisely. For example, what is it used for? A, how and where to use ?, What are its benefits ?, Who are its users ?, What is the need you meet or what is the problem that solves it ?. Always remember that people buy to satisfy an emotional need or more precisely they buy the sense they get from the acquisition or use of the product and not the product itself. Ask yourself if this product comes with this specification, will I buy it or not?

2 – the volume of demand for the product in the market:

First make sure there is a demand for your product in the local market. No matter how good the product is, it is important to have others who want to buy it. I would recommend buying trial quantities to see if the market needs this product.

3. Target customers:

Who do you expect to buy your product? What is their gender? Their age? And their income level? And where are they?

4 - Choose the right supplier and factory:

The biggest problem in importing Turkish products in our view is quality. The quality depends on the manufacturer of this product and the materials used in manufacturing.
Here is our role as a brokerage company where we make sure that we choose a factory with experience in this field. We never rely solely on online factory selection even if they seemed to us from their site that they were confident. We even visit the factory and look closely at the manufacturing process. We make sure the materials they use in manufacturing. One of the most important aspects to pay attention to is that we do the quality audit ourselves and not rely on the factory for that.

5 - Know the import procedures:

If the quantities you want to import are relatively small, we recommend that you use fast shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx and similar companies because they do all customs clearance on your behalf. Also make sure the percentage of customs imposed on the product you want to import. Sometimes customs are times the cost of the product. It is important to ensure that this product is allowed to be imported into your country.

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